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NimbleX is a small but versatile operating system which is able to boot from CD, flash memory (USB pens or Mp3 players) and even from the network. Because it runs entirely from a CD, USB or network it doesn’t require installation or even much...


In NimbleX you can browse the web with Firefox, chat with your friends using the Kopete multi-protocol IM application, download torrents with Transmission, use DC++, connect remotely to other computers and many more. Accessing network shares on both Windows or Linux machines is as easy as 1 2 3

You can listen to your favorite music with XMMS and Juk, watch movies with xine or mplayer, burn CDs with K3B, edit/encode video with avidemux and a lot more with the other multimedia applications included. Just double-click and play your favorite media.

The components of KDE Kontact are tailored to work well with each other. KDE Kontact delivers innovations to help you manage your communications more easily, organize your work faster and work together more closely, resulting in more productivity and efficiency in digital collaboration.

In NimbleX you have the most important applications from KOffice like Kword, KSpred and KPresenter. You have a word processor that can work in two modes: page oriented or layout oriented, a powerful spreadsheet application, a full-featured presentation program.

NimbleX 2008 Beta PDF Print E-mail

NimbleX 2008 Beta has finally been released!
After many months of using it, I finally decided is good enough to be released as a Beta version of NimbleX 2008. Several things still need to be polished but overall it's an important step towards what's going to be NimbleX 2008.
The most significant changes are from the technology point of view, that in the future should provide a significant increase in usability and stability.

The major highlights since NimbleX 2007 are:

  • the Experimental Safe Installer
  • the better LZM compression
  • 2008 Beta is split in 5 pices
  • 9 Desktop environments
  • and many other things.

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