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Custom NimbleX 2 is now available for everybody. Even if now it is at Release Candidate stage this provides a much better way for generating a customised Free Linux OS based on NimbleX. The only requirements from the users are knowledge of English, a web browser (Firefox) and a CD for burning the ISO that was generated.

Features of Custom NimbleX 2:

  • Absolutely no knowlege required for the custom OS
  • > 150 software packages from where you can choose
  • support for over a dozen most popular languages
  • configure the sounds of your Custom NimbleX OS
  • set the wallpaper from 36 pics or upload your own
  • configure your password and the restricted user
  • calculating the size of the ISO dinamically

Because my server is very old generating will take some time and you'll have to be patient. If I had more resorces I'm sure the experience wold be nicer for many users.

Hope you will enjoy Custom NimbleX 2 and I hope you will provide feedback and support. Currently there is no other place in the whole Internet that allows you to generate your own Operation System.

Many thanks to Bera Florin for coding javascript and php in Custom NimbleX 2 !

To see full size screenshots click HERE and for the real deal visit

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