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NimbleX is a small but versatile operating system which is able to boot from CD, flash memory (USB pens or Mp3 players) and even from the network. Because it runs entirely from a CD, USB or network it doesn’t require installation or even much...


In NimbleX you can browse the web with Firefox, chat with your friends using the Kopete multi-protocol IM application, download torrents with Transmission, use DC++, connect remotely to other computers and many more. Accessing network shares on both Windows or Linux machines is as easy as 1 2 3

You can listen to your favorite music with XMMS and Juk, watch movies with xine or mplayer, burn CDs with K3B, edit/encode video with avidemux and a lot more with the other multimedia applications included. Just double-click and play your favorite media.

The components of KDE Kontact are tailored to work well with each other. KDE Kontact delivers innovations to help you manage your communications more easily, organize your work faster and work together more closely, resulting in more productivity and efficiency in digital collaboration.

In NimbleX you have the most important applications from KOffice like Kword, KSpred and KPresenter. You have a word processor that can work in two modes: page oriented or layout oriented, a powerful spreadsheet application, a full-featured presentation program.

NimbleX 2008 is out! PDF Print E-mail

I am pleased to announce that I finally got the courage to release the final version of NimbleX 2008!

It seems that I felt 2008RC was not close enough to release 2008 final as soon as I planed but I hope in the end it was all for the best.

The final was released a bit late for some because:

  • The USB installer got some new improvements.
  • RC was drastically slimmed to fit more usable things...
  • VirtualBox OSE is now standard so, have fun with other OSs
  • Partimage it's in NimbleX so you can backup/restore stuff
  • Added some initial clustering support with OpenMPI
  • A basic Firefox Kiosk mode can be booted from the CD
  • A lot of software was updated to the latest version
  • Bluetooh was finally fixed and it seems to work good
  • You have some basic servers to play or work with.
  • Compiz was cleaned a bit and some usability was added
  • Many things where done. I'll let you decide if you like it


This version gets significant cleanups since NimbleX 2008RC, Bluetooth finally works OK, some improvements to the USB installer, significant changes on how NimbleX boots from remote locations (PXE & HTTP), several bug fixes, updates and several other things.

I managed to make NimbleX a little slimmer and I also managed to squeeze in the latest VirtualBox so that people can run/test other OSs inside NimbleX.

Partimage was added so you can easily clone disks and partitions with NimbleX thus resulting in some mass deployment functionality when users know their way around Linux. I guess here a small tutorial will be posted at some point.

Also basic clustering support with OpenMPI is present and I successfully made a small cluster with NimbleX but there isn't an automated way to do it yet.

Two utilities are also available to get Win XP password hashes so you can "recover" passwords in case you forget them. In the future, if there is a demand, you can expect a wrapper script that will do this automatically for you.

Besides the variety of 7 Desktop environments that's available since NimbleX 2008 Beta, now you also have a basic Kiosk functionality with the latest Firefox2.

If you ask me, NimbleX 2008 is in a different lead from NimbleX 2007v2.

For more info about what you can do with NimbleX 2008 please visit the features page and I hope you'll like to discover what's all about on your own.



As usual, get it from the download page and also the now traditional package list with more than 550 items in it is HERE.

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